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Will Glasses Stand the Test of Time?

Posted by administration on July 03, 2014

Popular Mechanics recently published an online article titled “10 Things That Will Disappear in the Next 110 Years.” We thought we would share that list with you:

  1. Eyeglasses
  2. Video game consoles
  3. Postage stamps
  4. C batteries
  5. Keys
  6. Snow tires
  7. Telephone poles
  8. Band-Aids
  9. Wallets
  10. Flathead screwdrivers

The article didn’t go into any specifics on why the publication’s editors felt these items would no longer be relevant. However, at Spivack Western Slope we can take a guess at one reason why the #1 item on the list might phase out: LASIK vision correction. Western Slope LASIK is already helping thousands of people in our area eliminate their need for glasses or contacts. It’s a laser procedure that corrects vision for people who are nearsighted, farsighted or who have astigmatism, but it’s not for everyone. If a patient’s corneas are too thin or if other eye problems exist, an alternative to LASIK may be recommended. The only way to know for sure if LASIK might reduce or eliminate your need for eyeglasses is to schedule a free LASIK Consultation at Spivack Western Slope by calling 970-928-9752 or visiting

It’s possible that no one reading this blog will know for sure if all of these 10 things will be gone in 110 years. But it’s going to be interesting to see what the future holds for all types of technology, including vision correction. 

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Get More Enjoyment from 3D Movies

Posted by administration on June 26, 2014

Movies, televisions and even theme park rides in 3D really help to bring the action to life. Of course, in order to get the full effect of 3D experiences, the viewer must wear special 3D glasses. In fact, if you view a 3D movie without the glasses, the blurry image on the screen can be very uncomfortable on your eyes.

If you currently wear regular eyeglasses for nearsightedness (myopia) in Glenwood Springs to see distant objects clearly, going to a 3D movie can be a real hassle. You have the options of:

  • Wearing 3D glasses over your regular eyeglasses (this is also uncomfortable)
  • Wearing contact lenses instead of your regular eyeglasses (although not everyone can wear contacts)
  • Purchasing special 3D clip on glasses that you wear over your regular eyeglasses to watch 3D movies (you have to remember to bring them with you)
  • Watching the alternate 2D version of movies instead of the 3D version (and miss out on some special effects)
  • Having LASIK vision correction to possibly correct your myopia and eliminate your need for glasses

Dr. Spivack at Spivack Western Slope has performed thousands of LASIK procedures on myopic patients. While not all of them have been fans of 3D movies, they all wanted to find out what life could be like if they didn’t have to wear glasses or contacts. Most of them didn’t enter into the decision to have LASIK lightly. They researched the LASIK process in Glenwood Springs. Then they learned if their eyes were right for LASIK (through a free LASIK Consultation at Spivack Western Slope) and interviewed Dr. Spivack extensively to make sure he had the best experience, the best LASIK technologies and best “chair-side” manner.

There are a lot of 3D movies coming out in spring/summer 2014: How to Train Your Dragon 2, Transformers: Age of Extinction; Maleficent, Godzilla, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Guardians of the Galaxy and more. If you would like to have a more enjoyable 3D summer, find out if Glenwood Springs LASIK vision correction is right for you. Call Spivack Western Slope at 970-928-9752 or

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Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Posted by administration on June 18, 2014

The summer solstice is Saturday, June 21, 2014 at 6:51am EDT. Hopefully you have plans to enjoy the longest day of the year with family and friends. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, some countries celebrate Midsummer’s Day which occurs near the solstice. Legend has it that the dew on Midsummer’s Day morning has special healing powers to make old people look younger, and Midsummer’s Eve is a time for wishes and magic.

Whether or not you believe in such folklore, this year’s summer solstice may be the perfect time to find out if your wish for better vision could come true. At Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center we have helped thousands of people reduce or eliminate their need for glasses and contacts through LASIK vision correction in Glenwood Springs. Many of our patients feel as though our LASIK technology truly is “magic” because after just a few short minutes of laser treatment they are already starting to see better. Of course, every patient heals at a different rate, but after a good night’s sleep most LASIK patients are able to see without glasses the next morning.

It’s important to note that even successful LASIK patients may require reading glasses later in life from a condition called presbyopia. This affects most people after age 40 and is caused as the eye lenses become less flexible as we age making it difficult to focus on up-close objects. So, the sooner you have LASIK as an adult, the longer you may be able to enjoy a lens-free life.

If you wish you could say goodbye to glasses or contacts, find out if LASIK might be right for you. Schedule a free LASIK Consultation at Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center by calling 970-945-2020 or visiting to schedule your appointment online. You can also take our free online LASIK Self-Evaluation any time, day or night, to find out if you might be in the ballpark for this procedure. 

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Give Dad What He Really Wants

Posted by administration on June 11, 2014

Father’s Day is June 15, 2014. Rather than the traditional neck tie or golf accessories, why not give Dad the chance at improved vision? If you know a Dad who wears glasses or contacts, think how much easier his life would be if he could work and play without those hassles. By arranging a free LASIK Consultation at Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center, you just might set in motion one of the very best Father’s Day gifts ever.

Some people simply aren’t very proactive when it comes to scheduling health appointments for themselves. Your Dad may need a little extra push to schedule that LASIK Consultation. But you can assure him that this is a very simple and pain-free process that is only meant to provide him with information about:

  • His overall eye health
  • His vision characteristics
  • His vision correction options (LASIK may not be right for him)
  • His possibilities for 20/20 vision
  • LASIK technologies
  • LASIK costs
  • LASIK financing

You can also assure him that the LASIK Consultation will not include any hard sales tactics. The ultimate decision to proceed with LASIK in Glenwood Springs is his choice and his choice alone.

By the way, it also happens to be Men’s Health Week June 9-15, so it’s the perfect time to get Dad thinking about his overall health and well-being. Encourage your Dad to get plenty of sleep, stop smoking, exercise, eat healthy, reduce stress and have preventative check-ups. Included in this wellness checklist may also be that LASIK Consultation mentioned earlier.

If you have a well-deserving Dad in your life that might benefit from improved vision, contact Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center today at 970-945-2020 or to schedule a free LASIK Consultation in Location for him. 

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LASIK for Astigmatism

Posted by administration on June 04, 2014

In the early days of LASIK, patients with astigmatism were often not deemed good candidates for the procedure. Today, advances in LASIK technology allow many astigmatism patients to achieve better vision through this vision correction procedure.  

What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a very common refractive error caused by an irregular shape of the cornea (the clear front of the eye) or by the curvature of the lens in the eye. Astigmatism eyes will not be the typical round shape, but rather football-shaped, which causes multiple focus points to occur on the front and/or back of the retina. This causes blurry or distorted vision for both near and far objects. Astigmatism can also be found in patients who are nearsighted or farsighted.

Not all astigmatism patients are good candidates for LASIK. The only way to know for sure is by having a full eye exam in Glenwood Springs with an ophthalmologist to have your eye anatomy analyzed. Conditions like corneal thickness, corneal topography and your medical history will be reviewed. At Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center, Dr. Spicack will only approve patients for advanced LASIK in Glenwood Springs if he feels the conditions are perfect for a good outcome. No doctor can guarantee 20/20 vision after LASIK, but by only treating patients who are good candidates the odds are improved.

If you have astigmatism and must wear glasses or contacts to improve your vision, contact Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center to schedule a free LASIK Consultation in Glenwood Springs. There is no obligation to proceed with the procedure, and it will provide insight into your own eye health and help you fully understand your vision improvement options.

Call 970-945-2020 to speak to the practice directly or visit to schedule an appointment online any time day or night. 

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