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Cool Facts About Dolphin Eyes - #1 of 4

Posted by administration on February 20, 2014

Recently we read an article about dolphin eyes written by Joy Clausen Soto, Senior Dolphin Trainer at SeaWorld. We thought it was so interesting that we’re going to devote our next series of blogs to her cool facts about dolphin eyes.

“A dolphin can move each eye independent of the other.”

While that is cool for a dolphin, it’s not so cool for humans. In humans, this condition is similar to one called strabismus. It occurs when the muscles of the two eyes don’t work together to maintain proper alignment. You might have one eye looking straight forward while the other eye looks a different direction:

  • Inward (cross-eyed), known as esotropia
  • Outward, known as exotropia
  • Upward, known as hypertropia
  • Downward, known as hypotropia

Refractive surgery, such as LASIK eye surgery, won’t resolve strabismus. However, there are surgical and non-surgical treatments that can be used to correct the problem.

A person with corrected strabismus can also have instances of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. In these cases, they may consider having LASIK eye surgery to correct the vision problems. If you had strabismus at any time in your life, be sure to inform your LASIK surgeon of this and all of your medical history prior to undergoing the procedure.

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