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It’s Your Last Chance to Think about Yourself before the Holidays!

Posted by administration on November 21, 2013

The holiday season is right around the corner. That means an endless stream of holiday parties, gift-buying, present-wrapping, cooking, baking, decorating…and on…and on…and on…

Before the holiday craziness hits, take a moment to do something good for yourself...something that will help make your holiday season a little easier…especially if you currently wear glasses or contacts to correct myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism.

We’re talking about LASIK vision correction.

Did you know that more than 14 million Americans have had LASIK to correct a refractive error? This is when your eye is shaped in a way that light does not focus directly on the back of the eye (the retina). LASIK uses lasers to remove tiny, precisely targeted amounts of corneal tissue to create a slightly different shape and allow light to focus properly. The effectiveness of this procedure depends on several factors:

  • The LASIK technology being used
  • The experience of the surgeon
  • The health and condition of your eyes

The best news is that the entire surgery only takes minutes per eye, and most patients are able to return to work (or their holiday preparations) within a day or two after surgery. And, if you’re concerned about spending too much money before the holidays, Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center offers LASIK financing options to make the procedure budget-friendly.

Treat yourself to a free LASIK Consultation. You might learn that you could remove the added stress of glasses and contacts from your holidays. Contact Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center in Glenwood Springs today by calling 970-945-2020 or visiting


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