Spivack Western Slope Lasik Center

Lowest Price Guarantee


Although the Laser Vision Center you choose should not be selected based on the lowest price, we recognizes that everyone wants to get the most value for their money.  Although we are more experienced than most Lasik centers in Colorado, we also have a goal of not charging more than other centers for an equivalent level of technology.  If, prior to your procedure, you provide a written quotation from another Western Slope center for the same procedure using the same technology as Spivack WSLC is using, we will do our best to match that fee.

Dr. Lawrence Spivack is one of the most experienced and respected  LASIK surgeons in the U.S.,  and is committed to consistently providing Colorado’s best visual outcomes at a fair and reasonable fee.

Please call our office to learn more about our Lowest Price Guarantee at 970.928.9752!