Why Spivack Western Slope?


There is no need to travel to Denver to receive the most advanced, customized, blade-free LASIK available. Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center attracts patients from all across the Western Slope, from Grand Junction to Glenwood Springs.


  • Dr. Spivack was the first person in Colorado in 1995 to perform LASIK with an FDA-approved laser
  • 75% of our patients come to us through past-patient referrals
  • 99% of our patients receive 20/20 vision, if deemed a good candidate
  • Our blade-free LASIK procedures are done with advanced IntraLase and Wavefront Guided CustomVue technology (ask around – these are leading the industry!)
  • We have a fixed laser site, meaning we own our laser technology so we have more flexibility in surgery days
  • We have an excellent working relationship with optometrists in the Glenwood Springs area and beyond (that’s a bonus for your pre- and post-op care)
  • We offer a corporate benefits program
  • We provide LASIK seminars to help people understand this amazing technology
  • We offer LASIK financing to give everyone the chance at better vision

When you mention the name Dr. Spivack in conjunction with LASIK, you are bound to have positive reactions and feedback. His is one of the most respected names in LASIK circles around the state and the country.

To see first-hand why we are the best, come in for a free LASIK Consultation.