What We Won't Do


Throughout this site we've discussed what Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center will provide for you during LASIK. We also want you to know what we won’t do for you:

We won't perform LASIK on just anyone.
If your eye condition, medical and overall health condition is not optimal, we will not approve you for LASIK. Dr. Spivack rejects 20% of LASIK applicants if he does not feel he can produce the results you want.

We won't use the free LASIK Consultation to pressure you.
We understand that you need time to consider your options. We want to provide you with enough information so you can decide whether or not you want to pursue LASIK. We use the LASIK Consultation to confirm that you are a good candidate for LASIK in the first place—what you do after the Consultation is completely up to you. If you decide to wait, we will continue to provide informative tidbits about LASIK so you can become more comfortable with the idea.

We won't treat you like a number.
Even though Dr. Spivack has performed 40,000 vision correction procedures, each person is treated with the utmost respect. We realize that having LASIK is a huge step, both emotionally and financially, and we work hard to get to know each and every patient who is considering having LASIK with us.

We won't offer super discounted LASIK just to get you in our doors.

Be wary of any LASIK center offering LASIK for $299 or $499 per eye. These are bait and switch tactics used to get you into the center and then offer LASIK that uses outdated technology sometimes performed by inexperienced surgeons. You will most likely be charged extra fees for upgrades that are already included in the cost of LASIK done by Dr. Spivack. Most people don’t even qualify for low-cost LASIK because the amount of vision correction provided for the price is very small. Price alone should not be your deciding factor of where to have LASIK. Remember…you only get one chance to make the right decision.

At Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center we make LASIK as affordable as possible without sacrificing the quality of the technology used or the outcome of your procedure.

We won't let a big corporate office make decisions for us.
Dr. Spivack is one of the owners of Spivack Western Slope LASIK Center, along with optometrists Dr. Mark Zilm and Dr. Eric Strautman from 20/20 Eyecare. As such, he is able to work together with his partners to make decisions about the type of equipment he invests in, how often he upgrades his technology, the amount and quality of people on his staff and the high standards he sets for every step of the LASIK process.

We won't leave you wondering about your credit application.
We realize that credit applications are sometimes confusing. We have an online LASIK credit application that can help you apply for LASIK financing and let you know on the spot if you are approved. The process can even show you what your payments will look like so you can plan your budget.

We won't rush you in any step of the process.
LASIK is a big decision, and we never want you to feel like you are on a production line. Every one of our LASIK patients has a unique set of circumstances that brought them to us. We want to get to know you personally, and we will never take shortcuts to rush you along the process.

Contact us today to schedule your free LASIK Consultation.